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Product Design

With an Industrial/Product Design degree from the Georgia Institute of Technology, I have been trained in:

  • Product Development and Innovation specialization that applies advanced design and manufacturing methods to develop innovative new concepts for a broad range of product design applications. The focus was on parametric modeling, 3D scanning, advanced materials, and digital manufacturing

  • Health and Well-Being design specialization which focuses on a proactive approach to the application of design research, universal design, and product & service design to create new innovations in wellness and health-related products and ecosystems.

My product design portfolio includes projects rooted in human dignity and empowerment as it relates to health equity and social inclusion of marginalized communities.

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Human Centered Design Research

According to, Human Centered Design is “a creative approach to problem solving that starts with people and ends with innovative solutions that are tailored to meet their needs”.

As a design and public health researcher, I utilize the human centered design methodology to help generate innovative, sustainable and culturally specific solutions to global grand challenges in the health sector. I have also been trained via the Human Centered Design Facilitation course and have worked as a consultant and course/workshop lead to train others in this methodology.


Graphic Design and Visual Communication

With over a decade of professional and academic experience in graphic design and visual communication including training at the Georgia Institute of Technology and General Assembly, I have developed a diverse range of skills in the startup, academic, public and private sectors. I have developed a strong skillset in the following:

  • Promotional/Educational Print Collateral

  • Website Mockups

  • Social Media Cards

  • Infographics

  • Poster Design

  • Report/Book Design

  • Data Visualizations

  • Logos

  • Instructional Design

  • Design/Creative Team Management